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The Food and Feelings Workbook The Food and Feelings Workbook
A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health
Author: Karen R. Koenig
Publisher: GURZE BOOKS
Format: Paperback
9780936077208, 0936077204
Coping With Eating Disorders

Shrink Yourself Shrink Yourself
Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever
Author: Roger L. Gould
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Format: Paperback
9780470275375, 0470275375
Abnormal Psychology , Medicine , Coping With Eating Disorders , Diets & Dieting ,

Traumatic Stress Traumatic Stress
The Effects of Overwhelming Experience on Mind, Body, and Society
Author: Bessel A. van der Kolk
Publisher: Guilford Publications
Format: Paperback
9781572304574, 157230457X
Social Work , Psychology , Abnormal Psychology , Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology , Psychiatry ,

Monkey Mind Monkey Mind
A Memoir of Anxiety
Author: Daniel Smith
Publisher: SIMON and SCHUSTER
Format: Paperback
9781439177310, 1439177317
Biography: Science, Technology & Engineering , Memoirs , Abnormal Psychology , Coping With Anxiety & Phobias ,

The PTSD Workbook, 3rd Edition The PTSD Workbook, 3rd Edition
Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms
Author: Mary Beth Williams
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Format: Paperback
9781626253704, 1626253706
Abnormal Psychology , Health Psychology , Coping With Anxiety & Phobias , Coping With Stress ,

Preparing for Life Preparing for Life
The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for Those with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Author: Jed Baker
Publisher: Future Horizons Incorporated
Format: Paperback
9781932565331, 1932565337
Abnormal Psychology , Coping With Disability , Intergenerational Relationships , Child Care & Upbringing , Personal Development , Disability , Self Esteem ,

Defeated Demons Defeated Demons
Freedom from Consciousness Parasites in Psychopathic Society
Author: Thomas Sheridan
Publisher: Velluminous Press
Format: Paperback
9781905605309, 1905605307
Physiological & Neuro psychology, Biopsychology , Abnormal Psychology , Coping With Personal Problems , Family & Relationships ,

The Yalom Reader The Yalom Reader
Selections From The Work Of A Master Therapist And Storyteller
Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Format: Paperback
9780465036103, 0465036104
Psychology , Abnormal Psychology , Clinical Psychology , Psychotherapy ,

Freedom From Self-Harm Freedom From Self-Harm
Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments
Author: Kim L. Gratz
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Format: Paperback
9781572246164, 1572246162
Abnormal Psychology , Coping With Personal Problems ,

Creative Supervision Creative Supervision
The Use of Expressive Arts Methods in Supervision and Self-Supervision
Author: Mooli Lahad
Format: Paperback
9781853028281, 1853028282
Psychology , Abnormal Psychology , Cognition & Cognitive Psychology , Psychotherapy , Creative Therapy (eg Art, Music, Drama) , Rehabilitation ,

The Metaphor of Play The Metaphor of Play
Origin and Breakdown of Personal Being
Author: Russell Meares
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd
Format: Paperback
9781583919675, 1583919678
Psychology , Abnormal Psychology , Self, Ego, Identity, Personality , Psychiatry , Psychotherapy ,

The Mask of Sanity The Mask of Sanity
An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues about the So-Called Psychopathic Personality
Author: Hervey Cleckley
Publisher: Martino Fine Books
Format: Paperback
9781614277828, 1614277826
Abnormal Psychology

Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child
A Practical Guide for Parents
Author: Cheryl Carter
Format: Paperback
9781849058391, 1849058393
Physiological & Neuro psychology, Biopsychology , Abnormal Psychology , Advice On Parenting ,

How To Quit Without Feeling S**T How To Quit Without Feeling S**T
The fast, highly effective way to end addiction to caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs
Author: Patrick Holford
Publisher: Little Brown Book Group
Format: Paperback
9780749909949, 0749909943
Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology , Health , Coping With Drug & Alcohol Abuse , Giving Up Smoking , Fitness & Diet , Diets & Dieting , Personal Development , Complementary Therapies, Healing & Health ,

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover! Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!
Anorexia Recovery for the Determined Adult
Author: Tabitha Farrar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback
9781986106702, 1986106705
Coping With Eating Disorders

Everyday Mindfulness for OCD Everyday Mindfulness for OCD
Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Living Joyfully
Author: Jon Hershfield
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Format: Paperback
9781626258921, 1626258929
Abnormal Psychology , Diseases & Disorders , Personal Development , Mind, Body, Spirit: Meditation & Visualisation ,

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