People Money People Money
The Promise of Regional Currencies
Author: Margrit Kennedy
Publisher: Triarchy Press
Format: Paperback
9781908009760, 1908009764
Monetary Economics , Monetary Economics , Development Economics , Development Economics , Finance , Banking ,

Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs
The Culture of Success
Author: Lisa Endlich
Publisher: Little Brown Book Group
Format: Paperback
9780751527506, 0751527505
Social & Cultural History , Economic History , Economic History , Banking , Investment & Securities ,

Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Global Private Banking and Wealth Management
The New Realities
Author: David Maude
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Format: Hardback
9780470854211, 0470854219
Finance & Accounting , Finance , Banking ,

The World's Banker The World's Banker
Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations
Author: Sebastian Mallaby
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Format: Paperback
9780143036791, 0143036793

Fundamentals of Offshore Banking Fundamentals of Offshore Banking
How to Open Accounts Almost Anywhere
Author: Walter Tyndale
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Paperback
9781460987957, 1460987950
Banking , Business & Management ,

The Death of the Banker The Death of the Banker
The Decline and Fall of the Great Financial Dynasties and the Triumph of the Small Investor
Author: Ron Chernow
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Format: Paperback
9780375700378, 0375700374
History Of The Americas , Economic History , Economic History , Finance , Banking , Personal Finance ,

Reinventing Customer Engagement Reinventing Customer Engagement
The Next Level of Digital Transformation for Banks and Insurers
Author: Roger Peverelli
Publisher: LID Publishing
Format: Hardback
9781907794490, 1907794492
Finance , Banking , Insurance & Actuarial Studies , Information Technology Industries ,

Anti-Money Laundering Anti-Money Laundering
What You Need to Know (UK Banking Edition): A Concise Guide to Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/Cft) for Those Working in the UK Banking Sector
Author: Susan Grossey
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Paperback
9781497383494, 1497383498
Corporate Governance & Responsibilities

The Land without a Banking Law The Land without a Banking Law
How to Start a Bank with a Thousand Dollars
Author: Michael Magnusson
Publisher: Opus Operis
Format: Paperback
9780957543812, 0957543816
Banking , Banking Law ,

Islamic Finance in a Nutshell Islamic Finance in a Nutshell
A Guide for Non-Specialists
Author: Brian B. Kettell
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Format: Paperback
9780470748619, 0470748613
Finance , Banking , International Business ,

Risk Management in Banking Risk Management in Banking
Author: Joel Bessis
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc
Format: Paperback
9781118660218, 1118660218
Finance , Banking , Management & Management Techniques ,

Fintech Fintech
The Impact and Influence of Financial Technology on Banking and the Finance Industry
Author: Richard Hayen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback
9781540783776, 1540783774

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