Porsche and Me

Porsche and Me
Subtitle: Hans Mezger
EAN: 9781906712082
ISBN: 1906712085
Categories: Autobiography Sport | Memoirs | Motor Cars | Motor Sports |

The autobiography of Porsches most talented engineer. Hans Mezger joined Porsche in 1956 and within a few years was responsible for the design of both the early 1960s F1 engine and subsequently led the design of the six cylinder 911 engine. In 1965 he became head of the new race design office under the charismatic Ferdinand Piëch. Mezger led the development of all the iconic race prototypes of the 1960s, climaxing in the unforgettable 917 program. He was a principal contributor to all sixteen of Porsches victories in the famed Le Mans 24 Hours. When the McLaren-TAG F1 team came to Porsche for a turbo engine in the 1980s, he led the design and development that resulted in three consecutive F1 constructors titles.

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